Eliminating the Guesswork From Manual Planning with Smart Scheduling and Optimized Routing

About Ziggy

ZIGGY is a smart AI-driven scheduling & route optimization solution which helps organizations device the optimal schedule/route while fulfilling service objectives such as maximum utilization of work hours and least travel time. The solution protects the organization from unnecessary cost and waste of resources and enhances service quality.

Why Ziggy

Operational managers and supervisors need to come up with ways that ensure the quickest and most efficient means for scheduling and dispatching. In the absence of a data-driven approach, this process can be complex, costly and prone to miscalculations and reliance on guesswork. For organizations with tens and hundreds of dispatched personnel and thousands of target sites, a random approach to assignments of resources will always prove to be suboptimal.

Unique Edge

Ziggy completely removes the random element from resource allocation, scheduling and routing and the associated burden of manual planning.  Productivity is attained when higher sites coverage is achieved in smaller time windows and with minimal idle time in between. In addition, the time saving is directly mirrored to customer service quality and satisfaction.

Unique Features

    • Tested and deployed at government and private companies in the logistic space.
    • Proven to save organizations millions of dollars
    • Option to include real-time scheduling optimization based on traffic data
    • Deployment flexibility as an API or  as a full solution
    • Ability to include a wide range of optimization objectives:
      • Maximize resources utilization
      • Minimize travel distance
      • Minimize number of workers
      • Minimize wait-for-service time
    • Can accommodate any number of business-defined hard/soft constraints and preferences into the model:
      • Work hours
      • Departure preferences
      • Service urgency level
      • Others

Fueling Organization Success

ZIGGY transformed the business and operation of Abu-Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority with millions of dollars of saving and a substantial increase in productivity and efficiency

How Does It Work

Our Easy-to-Use Scheduling and Routing Optimization Software Puts Your Planning On Auto-Pilot So You Can Focus On What Matters The Most To Your Operation.

Ziggy In Pictures

Success Partners

ZIggy in Transportation

Operating Fleet Buses More Efficiently

As transit agencies grapple with the daunting task of balancing investment in fleets expansion, route planning addressing fluctuating ridership demand while reducing cost, they are faced with the daunting task of navigating through uncertainties and endless possibilities.

Ziggy in Agriculture

Agriculture Inspection on Autopilot

Learn how ADAFSA (Abu-Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority) revolutionized inspection of food facilities and agricultural sites through ZIGGY, introducing thereby substantial cost reduction, improved productivity and enhanced efficiency, and realizing more than 36% ROI and 4.6 Million Dollars in annual cost saving


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