Bringing the Next Generation of Vision AI to Drive Visibility, Safety and Reliability Across Logistics, Automation and Transportation

Creating a world of infinite possibilties with Vision AI

We are an innovation-driven company formed after years of research and development to bring vision AI to industrial applications with solutions that have proven to be amongst the world’s most advanced, accurate and reliable in their class.


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Development Hours
Relentless efforts by deep learning engineers, computer vision experts and applications specialists


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Accuracy Attained
Near-zero tolerance for false positive-negative means near-zero chance for errors or accidents
Spatial Awareness

Gain an instantaneous, continuous and dynamic view of your complex and physical space/environment in real-time

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Data Fusion

Multi-modality AI produces an unmatched level of comprehensive awareness of multi-layer multi-granular intelligence

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Object Identification

Detect, classify and localize people, objects and landmarks within your facility with an unprecedented accuracy

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Hybrid Accelerated AI

Edge-based and centralized GPU-powered AI eliminate the need for cloud-based analytics and protects data

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Driving Automation In the Age of AI

Cameras, sensors and IoT devices produce a flood of data, images and video stream that can fuel the demand for on-the-spot instantaneous insights with deep-learning and machine learning technology. With the increasing need for process automation and autonomous systems in industrial applications, safety and reliability become paramount through enhanced cognition of the surrounding 3D world. Cognistic is committed to innovations in AI that accelerate the move towards automation and autonomoy transforming various areas of our lives.

  • Construction and mining machines
  • Shipping and logistics machineries
  • Agricultural and forestry machineries
  • Port and transportation vehicles
Accurate, Instantaneous and Contextualized Insights

Enhancing Visibility through Spatial Awarness

Our Vision

With the increasing need for automation and autonomous systems in industrial applications, Vision AI becomes paramount to ensure safety, productivity and relaibility. Cognistic aims to deliver game-changing Vision AI technology that not only solves complex problems but also creates new opportunities for growth and innovation of the next generation of automation and autonomous systems

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the integration of AI into spatial awareness by harmonizing GPU-powered AI with advanced 2D and 3D vision-based sensing in order to empower the world with cutting-edge Vision AI solutions of unprecedented level of performance, unlocking thereby new levels of safety, productivity, efficiency, and innovation. We are committed to providing world-class solutions that transform the way our customers operate and compete in the digital age


Our Core Values

Innovation: We constantly challenge ourselves to push the boundaries of what is possible with vision AI technology.
Collaboration: We believe in working closely with our customers, partners, and employees to achieve shared goals and create value together.
Impact: We are driven by a desire to make a positive impact on the world, whether it’s by helping businesses become more sustainable or enabling new breakthroughs in science and technology.
Integrity: Adhering to the highest standards of ethical AI with deep respect for personal data privacy and confidentiality and in alignment with the fundamental values of individual human rights including fairness, non-discrimination, and non-manipulation


SICK Sensors Intelligence
SICK is a premier partner of Cognisitc and a leading manufacturer of intelligent sensors technology worldwide. SICK offers a number of 3D vision hardware some of which have been integrated with Cognistic AI solutions to solve a wide range of problems across logistics and transportation, shipping and others.

Our Partners


NVIDIA is a leading manufacturer of GPU technology for AI applications. As a metropolis partner of NVIDIA, Cognistic leverages NVIDIA edge-based computing platform to enable accelerated deep learning at the edge, deliver real-time performance and meet the need for speed in autonomous solutions of tomorrow.


Cognistic leverages the public cloud computing platform from Microsoft Azure for data storage, processing, management and analytics. We also leverage Azure IoT Hub to monitor and manage deployed AI-based edge devices and to provide off-premise cloud-based services as part of add-on offerings.