Maintaining Accurate Account of People and Items, In Public Transportation and Open Space Facilties

About Condor

Condor is a vision-based real-time people detection, tagging and tracking algorithm that can be used in a variety of crowd monitoring applications across transportation, logistic, aviation, security and others. Condor has been used to count passengers’ onboard trains and buses, maintain account of crew and workers in airplanes and to prevent access to restricted industrial zones.

Why Condor

There’s a growing demand for maintaining account of people in open and closed spaces, in real-time, and for a variety of marketing , safety, security as well as logistics purposes and for providing a detailed picture of what’s happening in stores, factories and stations. Reliance on traditional counting techniques using Bluetooth and WIFI has shown to produce inaccurate results for the obvious reasons…not everyone has a Smartphone or WIFI enabled.

Unique Edge

Many commercial systems for crowd management applications including automatic people counting systems (APC) suffer from several drawbacks including vulnerability to poor lighting, body obstructions as well as double counting. DeepTrace was designed and developed to overcome the limitation in traditional systems using the state-of-art AI and deep learning techniques.

Unique Features

    • Powered by AI and guided by 2D/3D vision
    • Eliminates the need for Bluetooth, RFID and others
    • Elevates visibility and safety in retail, transportation and others.
    • Built along with several other industry partners
    • Modular design to allow for scaling on demand
    • Operates in real-time or on recorded videos
    • Built-in analytics for offline-visualization
    • Configuration module for end-user
    • Auto-alert with multiple actions (audio, SMS, etc.).
    • Easy and straightforward implementation
    • Integrations with most 2D/3D cameras.
    • Requires no change to the existing surveillance camera network.
    • Ability to store images for later retrieval and review.

Potential Applications

Condor Applications

Powered by AI that leverages 2D and 3D data, DeepTrace works behind the scenes to bring situational awarness, automate survillance and cut cost.
Staff Access Control
Staff Access Control
Through Condor, people and personnel wearing distinct uniforms are recognized, tagged and tracked to control movement through restricted areas and to prevent unauthorized access to designated facilities, reducing thereby the risk of security breaches and protecting areas of high sensitivity.
Tracking People Movements
Tracking People Movements
Keeping account of people crossing manually across access points such as turnstile, checkpoints and others, train and subway system, could be a daunting task even through areas monitroed by survillance cameras, and Condor provides an effective means for automating movements tracking across these points.
Managing Crowded Queues
Managing Crowded Queues
crowdedness in open spaces often leads to chaos that can affect customer service operation and quality. With Condor, a customer queue can be harmonized with service personnel by monitoring the queue length and service area occupancies resulting in a shorter waiting time and an improved customer satisfaction.
Condor In Action

Automatic Passengers Counting

Unique Characteristics

  • Accurate counting of passengers, bicycles and personal items.
  • Overcomes the traditional limitation of APC systems such as double counting
  • Unaffected by body/head occlusion such as umbrellas and head covers
  • Works under all lighting conditions including brightness and dim lighting
  • Low-latency and zero-calibration requirement
  • Bundled in a ruggedized hardware to sustain high temperature, humidity and dust
DeepTrace Captured

Condor White Paper


How transit agencies go about planning routes and proactively manage operations is changing rapidly. Learn how Cognistic and SICK leveraged vision AI and sensors to create an end-to-end solution to 1) capture insight on bus occupancies in real-time 2) forecast short-term and long term ridership demand and ultimately 3) optimize fleet size, schedule and route to accommodate fluctuating demands. The solution has been shown to cut operational cost, protect investment, and above all improve ridership safety, comfort, and satisfaction.

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