Keeping Track of Compliance Level to Safety Guidelines and Maintaining Visibility on Workers' Movements and Behaviors


Tracking micro-locations, movements and behavior of workers in restricted areas and with nearby critical assets within industrial facilities provides valuable insights for enhancing safety, optimizing processes, and supporting data-driven decision-making while minimizing disruptions to workers and the environment.


Adopting a non-intrusive tracking technology in industrial motion analytics offers a transformative advantage to industrial operations. By seamlessly monitoring and analyzing workers’ movements and processes without the need for intrusive devices, organizations can enhance workplace safety, streamline operations, and improve overall efficiency

Unique Edge

IMANTRAX provides a holistic view on safety compliance level within the facility while at the same time providing real-time tracking and localization data of the movement of workers 24/7. Usign the gathered data, it then generates the intelligence needed for resources planning and for optimizing operational efficiency.

IMANTRAX Versus traditional badges and sensors technology

  • Data Collection Method:  Workers required to wear badges or sensors can be uncomfortable, inconvenient, or even restrict their movements in certain cases. This can lead to compliance issues and potentially impact productivity.
  • Privacy and Data Security: badges and sensors raise privacy concerns as they are directly attached to or carried by workers, potentially collecting personal data that requires careful handling and protection.
  • Integration with Existing Infrastructure: badges and sensors require the installation of new infrastructure and systems, which can be disruptive and costly.
  • Scalability and Customization: badges and sensors require the purchase and distribution of physical devices to all workers, which can be cost-prohibitive and less scalable.

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What Can IMANTRAX Do For You

Main Features

Maintaining Visibility on Workers' Movements and Behaviors

Movements intelligence and analytics within an executive decision-making dashboard

Managing Safety Risk in Industrial Facilties

Real-time monitoring of key operational metric on safety compliance

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