Mantis IV - People and Obstacles Detection, Classification and Localization

Collision Avoidance for Mobile Machineries

Solution Overview
Bundle Tehnology
  • An industrial edge-AI device pre-loaded with Mantis software for real-time collision avoidance
  • A 3D camera provided by our vision partner SICK
  • A driver-side industrial monitor with audio and visual alert
Bundle Features
  • Main Application: Robust human detection, classification and localization
  • Detection Range: 15-20 m under ideal conditions
  • Detection Speed: 9-15 FPS (Frame per Sec)
  • Working Environment: Both indoor and outdoor, including poor lighting, excessive lighting, rain and fog
  • Graphical Use Interface: Zone configuration, basic camera configuration, interface settings, recording settings
  • Boot-up time at Start: 40 Sec
  • Glass-to-glass latency: 260-280 ms in standard conditions
  • Video Recording: Up to 72 hours of continuous recording in full resolution
  • Warning Visual on monitor, Audio alert
Bundle in Action


When mounted on forklits in ports or shipping facilities, the solution prevents accidents due to blind spots which can easily arise with containers and obstacles blocking the view.

Solution Illustration
Solution in Pictures
Mantis Image Gallery
Solution Workflow

1) Configure Zones

2) Deploy, Operate & Store Data

3) Retrieve Data and Gain Insights

Solution Bundles
Bundle Parameters
  • Detection Zones: Red (near), Yellow (mid), Green (far)
  • Detected/Localized Objects : Pedestrians, Obstacles, Forklifts, Trucks, Bicycles
  • Path Navigation, Fleet Management, Performance Analytics
Configurable Parameteres
  • Incidents: Video Recording Saving and Analytics
  • Multi-Camera: 2D and 3D, Alternating and Simultaneous
  • High-Risk Alerts: Streaming Notifications Upon Incidents Volume/Intesity Threshold
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