Predict Failure, Minimize Downtime and Build a Smart Maintenance Schedule

About 4Sight

4Sifght is an AI-driven predictive and prescriptive maintenance solution which helps industrial organizations gain the highest return on critical assets by improving reliability, performance, and safety. The solution offers asset-intensive organizations a tool to reduce equipment downtime, increase reliability, and improve performance while reducing operations and maintenance expenditures.

Why 4Sight

The ability to predict the remaining useful life of a part or an asset based on real-time and historical data gives organizations an unprecedented way to manage and optimize their maintenance resources. Investing in predictive maintenance is worth it as it brings significant value to the business by reducing unnecessary maintenance costs as well as regulating the machine’s life, physical conditions, and work efficiency.

Unique Edge

4SIGHT presents a departure from traditional condition monitoring which focuses on instantaneous health-check to a tool that provides early detection of failure short and long term. The prescriptive feature of 4SIGHT provides the optimal maintenance schedule with frequency low enough to prevent unplanned reactive maintainance without incurring costs associated with redundant preventive measures.

What Makes 4Sight Best-in-Class

    • Flexibility to receive streaming data from sensors gateways
    • Real-time monitoring of asset condition and performance
    • Identifies the main root cases of failure (e.g., abnormal fluctuation in pressure)
    • Provides short term  and long-term prediction including weekly, monthly; and quarterly.
    • Tests millions of scenarios to provide optimal maintenance schedule.
    • Offers high scalability to seamlessly add more production sites and machines.
    • Easy deployment,  web-based management and visualization
Maintainance Automation

Why is 4SIGHT Important for Organizations

Maintenance is a crucial component of quality assurance and, in some situations, affects a company's long-term success. Our end-to-end solution provides an end-to-end predictive maintenance that will ensure safety compliance, preemptive corrective actions, and increased asset life
How Does it Work

4Sight in Action

4sight provides an end-to-end solution, from data capture, aggregation and processing to insight generation. The solution is capable of routine condition monitoring, real-time warning ahead of expected failure as well optimization of maintenance schedule

Robust and Scalable !

A unique state-of-the-art bundle that combines a powerful predictive maintenance algorithm deployed on a mobile processing unit feeding from a telematic data collector receiving time-series signals directly from connected machines.
Potential Solutions Benefits

Return on Investment

Operation Efficiency

Reduction of the number of parts experiencing less downtime

Model Prediction Accuracy

The ratio by which the model hits or misses the target prediction

Machine Downtime

Total hours saved for maintainance and troubleshooting per week


Model Accuracy Achieved


Increase in Operational Efficiency

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