What We Do


Cognistic fuses data from various sensing technologies including 2D and 3D cameras and IoT sensors to create a set of AI-powered computer-vision solutions enabled at the edge or on-premises and orchestrated to bring about spatial visibility, operation safety and navigation reliability to industrial applications including ports and logistics, traffic and transportation, agriculture and farming, manufacturing and mining, retail, aviation and others

AI Fusion for Unprecedented Accuracy

Fusing color and 3D point-cloud data to augment intelligence and attain pin-point recognition and localization accuracy

GPU-Based Enabling Real-Time Performance

Built on GPU-based compute infrastructure with parallel processing for real-time performance of large volume image/video dataset

Robust for Various Indoor and Outdoor Conditions

Optimized for both indoor and for outdoor harsh environments under various weather conditions and ambient lighting variability

Smart Calibration, No Manual Setup

Auto calibration feature eliminates the need for tedious manual configuration and makes it suitable for practical use



Detection Speed Up To


+ %
Accuracy Attained
Bespoke AI Solutions

Built for Performance , Optimized for Needs

Born out of research and guided by industry needs, our AI-powered computer vision solutions have been designed, developed, tested and piloted in partnership with industry leaders solving common challenges and addressing operational nuances across specific industries with unique value differentiation.


Core Values

Research & Innovation

We are a research-driven company at the core with committment to bringing the latest world-class advancements in Vision AI

Industry Specific

AI products target industry-specific problems in close collaboration with end-users to overcome the shortcomings of existing commercial systems

Shared-Vision Partnership

We strive to foster an ecosystem of partners with complementary innovations and capabilities to bring best-in-class solutions

Products Values

Diverse Redundancy

We’re one of the few AI saftey companies to fuse data from different sensing modalities and combine complementary technological capabilities to reach optimal tradeoffs

End-to-End Bundle

Bundled solutions combine scalable compute infrastructure with 3rd-party 2D, 3D cameras from an ecosystem partners of world-leaders.

Modular Design

Modular solution design and preliferies overcome the limitation of monolithic All-In-One systems which limits flexibity, reusability and repair speed

Recent Articles

We continue to capture the experience of our customers with our solutions in stories to be told to the world

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SICK Sensors Intelligence
SICK is a premier partner of Cognisitc and a leading manufacturer of intelligent sensors technology worldwide. SICK offers a number of 3D vision hardware some of which have been integrated with Cognistic AI solutions to solve a wide range of problems across logistics and transportation, shipping and others.

Our Partners


NVIDIA is a leading manufacturer of GPU technology for AI applications. As a metropolis partner of NVIDIA, Cognistic leverages NVIDIA edge-based computing platform to enable accelerated deep learning at the edge, deliver real-time performance and meet the need for speed in autonomous solutions of tomorrow.


Cognistic leverages the public cloud computing platform from Microsoft Azure for data storage, processing, management and analytics. We also leverage Azure IoT Hub to monitor and manage deployed AI-based edge devices and to provide off-premise cloud-based services as part of add-on offerings.
  • Industrially robust 3D stereo camera
  • Indsutrial PC with NVIDIA GPU inside
  • Preloaded with Mantis collision avoidance algorithm
  • For 24/7 use on mobile machines
  • Rugged design for harsh conditions
  • Scalable to include multiple streams/cameras

Mantis IV - 3D Collision Avoidance for Industrial Vehicles

In manufacturing, the pressure to meet unreasonable deadlines under noisy and chaotic environment can cause machinery drivers to operate under a lot of stress and fatigue, not keeping a safe distance with co-workers and creating a risky and hazardous situation. Mantis is an AI-based collision avoidance solution deployed on industrial machineries. It works by detecting proximities of vehicles to pedestrians and obstacles and providing thereby operators with early warnings to avoid potentially fatal collisions.


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Let AI, Computer Vision and Embedded Technology Work For Your Organization

Our 3D Vision AI experties combined with our embedded and optimized AI technology solutions will help you solve hard and complex problems related to safety, efficiency and productivity that can be addressed with spatial awarness and accurate objects and people detection and localization.

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